REVIEW: Primeclass Lounge Muscat International Airport

In Muscat, unless you are flying Oman Air, you will most likely be directed to the Primeclass Lounge.Located on the second floor, past the duty free section, this lounge is welcome to elite members and premium class passengers of select airlines, as well as Priority Pass holders. You can get a complimentary Priority Pass membership with the American Express Platinum Card.


Food and Drinks

Food and beverages were solid and served buffet style. The rotation was quite frequent and there was a huge selection. For the bar, there were a lot of choices for liquor but they did not have any special or themed cocktails that you find in some other lounges.


I was about to board a short haul business class flight to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways and was able to get a nice meal in before I left the lounge.


Luggage storage roulette as half of them seemed to be broken

Luggage storage roulette as half of them seemed to be broken

In general, lounges in the Middle East are quite opulent. They have lots of amenities and the quality of food is quite tasty. This particular lounge had a bank of PS4s as well as a pool table to entertain the kids (or your inner-child).

For those who are flying on business or first class tickets you are eligible for a complimentary spa treatment for your back or feet.

Remember to get a spa invite when checking in at the front desk, though you may be able to sweet talk your way in with just a premium class boarding pass.

Departing Thoughts

Muscat is not as common of a Middle Eastern hub as Doha, Abu Dhabi or Dubai but the amenities they have in this lounge were quite impressive. It would be great to fly through this airport (and lounge) sometime soon and hopefully compare them to the Oman Air operated lounge.

News: Saudi Arabia to offer eVisas to dozens of countries


At one time one of the most closed off places for tourists, Saudi Arabia has been making attempts to diversify their income streams. One of the active projects has been to open up its borders for tourism.

(The Previous) Visa Policy of Saudi Arabia

Back in 2014, I had foolishly thought I could get a visa to visit Saudi Arabia but was denied as I did not fit one of the strict criteria for eligibility. The concept of a tourist visa had not even existed back then and you could only visit for:

  • Family Visits

  • Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca

  • Business Visits

  • Transit (maybe)

Throughout the years, some of the more intrepid travelers found ways to use Transit visas to leave the airport but certain consulates and embassies started clamping down on the issuance of these visas as individuals were using forced layovers to extend their time in Saudi Arabia (rather than just transiting through the country).

In my travels, I have met a few people who visited via tours as a “business consultants”. They didn’t consult on much but they were able to get in and tour around.

Introduction of Sharek Visit Visas


In 2018, Saudi Arabia experimented with events visas available via . By buying tickets to a sporting or cultural event you may have been eligible for a tourist visa that allowed you travel around before and after the ticketed event. Notification on the website of some of the events came just a few days before the actual event which led to difficult timing. Some were even posted after the event passed which prevented them from being used to visit. As I periodically loaded up the site to see if the timing would work out, I noticed quite the range of events; from WWE Wrestling matches to Magic Shows and Popstar concerts.

The arrival of Tourist eVisas


With the introduction of the eVisa portal at certain nationalities are eligible for an eVisa.

The list is being updated but notable highlights for eligibility are citizens of European Union member states, the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

How to Visit

There are quite a few flights to Saudi Arabia via their main hubs of Jeddah and Riyadh.


All alliances fly to Saudi Arabia and the Skyteam Alliance has the most amount of routes due to the membership of Saudia Airlines.

Things to Consider

The loosening of restrictions for travel is a great thing as the sharing of ideas and first-hand experiences give all of us a better perspective of the world.

As with any country, there are some things to consider with regards to local laws:

  • Evidence of travel to Israel will bar you from entering

    • Israeli Passports

    • Israeli stamps/visas

    • Crossing of land borders with Israel via Egypt or Jordan

  • All travelers should review local policy on dress

  • Saudi Arabia is a “Dry” country so be mindful of alcohol importation and usage

As visitors, it is important to respect and follow local law. I’ll just leave it at that.

Are you excited to visit Saudi Arabia?

Horace Tong

Horace used to hate travelling but was bitten by the travel bug after a life-changing trip to Europe. Supported by a community of awesome travel-minded folks who helped him navigate the world of points and miles, he now holds airline elite status and is always looking for new items for his bucket list. He has the attitude of always wanting to try something new and at a count of over 165 countries, he is well on his way to his goal of visiting every country in the world.