NEWS: American Express Shop Small Offer Is Back!

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American Express Shop Small Offer

One of the best offers from American Express is back, but it’s a bit different this time. American Express Shop Small is a promotion that boosts awareness of local businesses that accept American Express. One of the most frequent complaints I hear from people about American Express is that they are not accepted in a lot of places. With this promotion, American Express does its best to bust that narrative.

With this offer, American Express gives the consumer incentive to go out and use their American Express cards at local shops by providing a $5 statement credit for every $5+ spent (up to 5 times per registered card).

In the past, the offer wasn’t necessarily targeted and all you had to do was register each card, which allowed you to have the offer on all of your cards. There was a whole week last time this promotion was out that my family ate for free. Between my wife and I, there were 10 American Express cards in the house, which means we had $50 worth of statement credits to use each time we went out. This time the offer is different in that American Express has decided to target individual cards with the promotion.

How To Register for the American Express Shop Small Promotion

To determine whether you are targeted for the American Express Shop Small Offer, log in to your American Express account. I find this easiest to do on mobile so I’ll run through the mobile steps here.

Log in to your American Express account. At the bottom of the screen, click “Amex Offers” which will bring you to this screen showing all of your present offers:


If you’re targeted for this promotion, you will find the “Shop Small [Your City]” offer. Depending on your city, yours will look different. Once you click on the offer you will see this screen asking you to register for the offer. Click “Register to Card”.


Finally, you will see a confirmation screen to ensure that you are properly registered for the offer.


However, we recently came across some great work by the users over at Red Flag Deals that discovered the direct registration links for each participating city. We recommend registering in your city as soon as possible as the amount of registrations per city is limited. Here are the direct links for each city:

How To Find Out What Shops Are Participating

After registering, you can click on “View participating locations” to see local places around you that are participating in this offer. Surprisingly, there are lots of places from mom & pop type stores to big chain brands. I find searching on a desktop is much easier for viewing purposes so at this point, I’ll switch over to my laptop. Once you find the Shop Small Promo page, you can start searching. Be sure to filter the search by “Spend $5, Get $5” to find the proper participating stores.

Here is the AMEX Shop Small Map


As you can see, there are lots of shops participating and they include hotels, restaurants, and service-based businesses such as pool cleaners and nail salons.

American Express Shop Small Offer Bottom Line

The American Express Shop Small offer is one of my favourites and I’m so excited that it is back. It allows us the chance to get a free coffee, lunch, or even just take $5 off your bill somewhere. Login to your account and see if you are targeted for this offer, and if not then be sure to register all of your cards in your respective city, and be sure to take advantage of it before it expires on August 31, 2019. Don’t let $25 in statement credits go to waste!

Did you get targeted for the Shop Small offer?

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