REVIEW: ANA Business Class Boeing 787 Tokyo Haneda to Singapore

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NH 843
Haneda (HND) - Singapore (SIN)
Scheduled Departure: 00:40AM
Scheduled Arrive: 6:40AM
Duration: 6hr 20min
Aircraft: Boeing 787-900
Seat: 6G (Business Class)

After a crowded experience where available seats were almost non-existent at the ANA lounge, I was glad to be on my way to Singapore, and hopefully, get some rest before a 6:40 AM arrival. This would be my first time on ANA and after hearing high praise from some friends, I was excited to try their product out. I always make it a point to head over to the boarding area early and be one of the first ones to board so that I can get stow away my belongings and get settled.


The seats onboard this 787 Dreamliner is in a 1-2-1 configuration with the left or right middle seats altering between which was closer to the aisle and which had the armrest beside the aisle to provide a bit more privacy. As I knew S would want to just sleep during this flight, I assigned her with 6E and I had 6G with the seat closer to the aisle. The seats featured a dark blue tone and wooden accents which I quite enjoyed and the seat padding was quite firm and had some resistance, though still remained comfortable.


Waiting at the seat was a pillow, amenity kit, slippers, headphones, and blankets.


The space to the left had the in-flight entertainment remote, a reading light, universal power outlet, headphone jack, USB charging socket, and a clip to hold your headphones which I never ended up using, but found it to be a unique feature.


The 787 features completely lie-flat beds and the seat can also be positioned to recline using these controls. While the instructions to unlatch the tray table was to just hit the switch underneath and pull, I was never successful at it as it jammed quite easily. Somehow the flight attendant managed to pull the tray table out, but not without it jamming each time it was stowed away.


The amenity kit was a cloth bag, rather than a zippered pouch you normally find. I found it to be the perfect size for my laptop charging cable and the amenity “kit” has since found a new use.


There isn’t too much to talk about for the amenity kit. It featured only the bare minimal toothbrush, eye mask, ear plugs, a business card sized piece of paper with aromatic salts, and a shoehorn which was quite pointless and I would much prefer they eliminated it from the kit and saved on the plastic.


At this point, the flight crew came by to ask for preferences of a welcome drink and I couldn’t say no to a Japanese whisky. Along with the drink came an amuse-bouche of cashews with almonds, and melon with ham and cream sauce. The cream sauce was quite plain and I felt like it didn’t really pair well with the melon and ham.


It’s always refreshing to see themed flight safety videos and this one featuring geisha and samurais was so enjoyable that I made sure to watch it the entire way through.


The monitor was very wide and could be controlled with either touch or using the remote. Although there was quite a large selection of movies and shows, I didn’t bother with watching anything as this was a midnight flight and we would arrive in Singapore early in the morning. Another feature was the Sky Live TV which had live news coverage and sports on demand.


Pajamas and a knit cardigan are available on the flight, but you have to specifically ask for them. The flight attendant took my clothes after I changed and hung them up in a side closet. This is likely to keep your clothes hostage so you have to return the pajamas at the end of the flight. After changing, I transformed the seat into a bed and fell asleep shortly after.


As the cabin was kept quite warm, I woke up after two or so hours of sleep and decided to check out the snack menu. It turns out that ANA serves ramen from Ichiran and decided to order up a bowl of noodles with pork broth. Although it wasn’t as good as having the noodles on the ground, the noodles remained firm and the broth was flavourful. Fueled up with noodles, I turned the seat into a bed and fell asleep once again.


With about 1.5 hours left to go, the flight attendants went around waking everyone up for meal service and this is when service became quite messy.


While the flight attendant took Cat’s order, I was skipped over until I actively flagged the flight attendant down. While I had a tablecloth laid out, Cat’s never showed up. This was definitely not what I would have expected, especially after hearing glowing remarks about the ANA service. Although I suspect it could have just been an isolated case


I ended up with the International selection featuring the pork sausage and frittata. While I wasn’t too hungry, I decided to try the meal anyways and it was average at best. The pork sausage and vegetables were alright and not overcooked. The yoghurt was quite sweet, and the pastries well, they were pastries.

After the meal service, the flight attendant came by to let me know that a bathroom was made available for me to change out of the pajamas and handed me my clothes back.


Overall Impressions

After a quick descent into Singapore Changi Airport, we were thanked for flying with ANA, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing something that my friends saw from ANA. While the flight crew was pleasant in welcoming everyone on board and were friendly, the in-flight service was out of sync and I will give them the benefit of the doubt and fly on an ANA product again before rounding out my conclusions about the airline.


Colin Sham
From a young age, Colin’s family travelled together from Japan to Thailand as well as take the occasional family road trip. This led to an interest in global affairs and an international exchange to the United States where he made friends from all around the world. When walking down the airplane aisle to the back of the plane, he always dreamed of a day where he would be able to sit at the front in the premium seats. After stumbling upon the points and miles community, he is now proud to be seated among those he marvelled at as a child.