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The Master

The Master has more butt-in-seat First and Business Class miles than anyone we know, and has experienced more luxury in an airplane than most of us will in a lifetime. He knows the ins and outs of almost every airline frequent flyer and credit card program. He has enough points and miles to fly for the rest of his life in premium seats. He has stayed at some of the world’s best hotels, and doesn’t settle for anything less than 5 stars. He is the king of elite status and he knows things he isn't supposed to. That's why we call him The Master. 


Ijaaz premji

Ijaaz has been fascinated by air travel since he was a child, and his goal is to become an airline pilot. Ijaaz’s family enjoys travel and takes a trip at least every couple years. His first trip to Asia was for a family wedding in 2015, when they visited Thailand and Hong Kong. Ijaaz was hooked at this point, and has since returned to Hong Kong at least a dozen times. He applied for his first credit card right after his 19th birthday, and has been in the points game ever since. His travels have taken him to over 30 countries all over the globe, and he is known to book flights last minute to new and interesting destinations.

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Colin sham

From a young age, Colin’s family travelled together from Japan to Thailand as well as take the occasional family road trip. This led to an interest in global affairs and an international exchange to the United States where he made friends from all around the world. When walking down the airplane aisle to the back of the plane, he always dreamed of a day where he would be able to sit at the front in the premium seats. After stumbling upon the points and miles community, he is now proud to be seated among those he marvelled at as a child.

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kyle enns

Kyle took his first flight at the age of 7 and that feeling of taking off captured his love of flying instantly. Now that he has a wife and three sons, he wants to share that same feeling with his kids as much as possible. His award travel experience is slowly changing from luxury travel with the wife to getting his family travelling as much as possible.

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Jayson Co

Jayson set his foot on a plane when he was 12 year old and loved it ever since. His ardent wanderlust had helped him explore the world amidst his busy work schedule. He does not mind travelling solo to explore what every city has to offer. Although he was introduced to the world of miles and points on a later time, it did not prevent to learn to use points strategically in his travel. His trips were immediately transformed from economy class and hostels to luxurious first class and hotels, and never looked back.

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Jason wolf

Jason was introduced to travel at a young age. His parents are world travellers so it was only natural he would follow in their footsteps. He took his first international solo flight to Europe at age 14 (pre 9/11). At the age of 19, he applied for his first credit card as he had heard of the miles and points game and couldn't wait to get started. Over a decade later, he has traveled to over 100 countries around the world and always seems to have another adventure plotted around the corner. His wife tries to accompany him whenever she can, but sometimes it’s a bit too hectic as he has a tendency to travel frequently, even if it's just for a brief weekend getaway.
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horace tong

Horace used to hate travelling but was bitten by the travel bug after a life-changing trip to Europe. Supported by a community of awesome travel-minded folks who helped him navigate the world of points and miles, he now holds airline elite status and is always looking for new items for his bucket list. He has the attitude of always wanting to try something new and at a count of over 165 countries, he is well on his way to his goal of visiting every country in the world.

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